We have produced a number of videos to help you to get the most out you your Tramex equipment.

Concrete Moisture Encounter Tramex CME4

Tramex CMEX2 - Concrete Moisture and Humidity Meter

Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus


Tramex MRH III - Digital Moisture and Humidity Meter - How to use !



Roof Moisture Scanner (Tramex Dec Scanner 2014)


Tramex Hygro-i Probe to Perform ASTM F2170


How to test Moisture in Concrete (Tramex CME) 


Tramex Talks with Nigel Clegg about the Skipper Plus

Tramex Talks with Mike Eggman.


Tramex Talks with Andrew Rynhart.



MRH Test in the National Flood School.


Tramex Testimonials with Dennis Wieszcholek.

Tramex Talks with John Mc Cabe (pt 1).

Tramex in the News (Nationwide) 1986.


Tramex in the News (Tomorrows World) 1985.



Tramex (Customer Comments).


Tramex Moisture Mapping Application. 

Tramex in the News (Zero) 1984 

Tramex "Moisture Encounter Plus"


Tramex Dec Scanner 2014.