Moisture Test to a Higher Standard with Tramex

The Tramex Moisture Testing System for flooring is the most complete system on the market.

The Tramex CMEX II moisture meter and reusable Hygro-i RH Probes enable fast, accurate, economical and reliable testing of concrete floor slabs to ASTM F2170, as well as giving ambient temperature, relative humidity, dew point and grains per pound readings.
The CMEX II allows for instant, non-destructive subsurface ASTM F2659 moisture content tests to show where and when to carry out the in situ RH tests.
The CMEX II and heavy-duty pin-probe provide precise wood moisture content readings for your wood flooring.
TRAMEX Product Upgrade—Hygro-i Hole-liners for ASTM F2170 Relative Humidity Testing of Concrete.
The Tramex CME System is renowned for testing to the highest standards in the fastest time. Now, thanks to its new improved hole-liners, it has become really easy to use for performing ASTM F2710 in situ relative humidity testing of concrete. While maintaining the speed and accuracy of the test, these hole-liners have been designed to be even easier to cut and insert, as well as having more malleable circumferential fins for optimum isolation of the airspace under test.
Tramex are sure that you will be pleased with the upgrade that we have made to our hole-liners and that they will facilitate and improve your testing.

Added 20 Jan 2015 Author: Tramex