Pest Control

The detection of areas of excess moisture is one of the most important elements in the location, control and eradication of wood destroying organisms. Termites and other common wood destroying pests need moisture and high humidity to survive and multiply. Inspectors should not focus solely on moisture-prone areas, as termites can relocate water to dry areas.
Tramex Moisture Meters help Pest Management Professionals determine if existing conditions are conducive to the infestation of termites, carpenter ants and other wood-destroying insects. They are very useful tools for deciding on the optimal placement of aboveground bait stations and can also be a useful monitoring tool during follow-up inspections after a termite treatment. Assessing moisture level changes pre- and post-treatment can be useful in determining whether or not further investigation is warranted.
The Tramex moisture meters and kits will help you perform a more thorough inspection, increasing disclosure and possibly decreasing liability. Results could lead to a satisfied customer, enhancement of your professional image, fewer callbacks and increased sales.

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