Tramex presents The "Professional PTM2.0" Pin-type Meter

Raising the Standard of Pin-Type Moisture Meters
Tramex Moisture Meters are proud to introduce the outstanding Professional PTM2.0 Pin Meter.
The Professional PTM 2.0 marks a significant enhancement in hand-held, digital pin-meter moisture testing and combines a list of features that save time, are more accurate and offer statistical analysis of the moisture conditions of Wood, Drywall and various other building materials using the comparative WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) 
The Professional PTM2.0 is in a league of its own and is exceptional and unique for many reasons. 
Different species of wood can vary in density and conductivity, which can have an effect on the electrical resistance of the wood. This can influence meter readings for the same moisture content and can also apply to similar species from different origins. Now, with built-in international standard calibration selection and specific calibration for over 500 wood species the user no longer needs to refer to correction charts for precise measurement values.
When measuring the moisture content in wood at different temperatures, the appropriate temperature can be selected to correspond to the temperature of the wood. The adjustable pre-programmed temperature correction feature means the user no longer has to work with temperature correction charts, easily and instantly avoiding inaccurate readings caused by the large effect that temperature differences can have on moisture content measurements, especially when drying.
Each calibration curve has point-to-point precision for heightened accuracy of moisture content measurement, so that pin meter moisture measurement has never been more precise.
The Professional PTM2.0 features a Saved Readings List into which the user can record up to 100 individually numbered readings. The maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation statistics are automatically calculated and displayed on the screen.
The meter’s large display screen and hold function, in association with responsive ergonomic technology and intuitive control keys make the Professional PTM2.0 a practical pleasure to use and the optional external handheld and hammer probes allow for use in hard-to-reach areas and wood species of high density.
And, for peace-of-mind and dependability, the Professional PTM2.0 has been designed with an Internal 3-point Calibration Check function, providing reliable calibration checks across the range of different scales, instantaneously confirming the accuracy of your meter anytime, anywhere.
Tramex Moisture Meters – Innovation in moisture detection.
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Tramex presents The "Professional PTM2.0" Pin-type Meter