Moisture Mapping with Mike Eggman GC, WLS, CR, CMRS, CMR, CIE

"So moisture mapping. What is moisture mapping?

By using moisture mapping it gives me basically a visual on paper as to what we're looking at.

The first step in moisture mapping is to first identify what your background measurements are. 
So I’ll get a two or three point reading off of non-affected areas which will give me a number. And let's say that number is ten. That's my starting point. Anything above 10 is elevated. Now if it's 20, it's elevated a little, if it's a hundred, obviously there is a larger amount of moisture contained within that material, and that's what we're identifying.

And this can be used in concrete, this can be used on roofing, it can be used on any type moisture investigation.

Tramex, - they’ve come out with a new moisture mapping application. This app is very unique very fast, a huge time saver in my opinion and it actually provides you a visual documentation within the field, which I'm very excited about.

Where we would normally do a complete grid and it takes time measuring it out, it takes time doing the mapping, I can now take my iPad, take a photograph of that wall, load that photograph into the application, then take those measurements and instantly put those measurements, that I’d normally written on a piece of paper in the field, then have to transfer back into Excel, and transfer back into the report, - this application will give me the visual image with the overlaid map with the color coordination, and it works on both scales for the MEP, - the comparative scale and the wood scale.

It's very unique. There's no other manufacturer out there that I've ever seen do something like this to help people like me in the field, to help people communicate better in the field.  So this app is really exciting.

I've used it in the last few weeks since it's been released. It's saved me a lot of time on the job. It’s saved me a lot of time sitting at the desk compiling the information. Now I did send it via email, directly to my client, right after I’ve saved the map and sent it through my iPad to the client, so that they know. Or else I email it to myself, incorporate that with the beautiful visual picture, with the overlay of the color variations of that.

So I'm excited about that new product."

The above is a transcription of our "Tramex Moisture Mapping Application" Video with Mr. Mike Eggman  GC, WLS, CR, CMRS, CMR, CIE

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Moisture Mapping with Mike Eggman GC, WLS, CR, CMRS, CMR, CIE
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